Pursuing the Muse : Steve Dawson

Musician Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson is on this episode of “Pursuing the Muse”. Steve has been a mainstay of the Chicago music scene for a long time. He fronted the groups Stump the Hose, Dolly Varden and Funeral Bonsai Wedding, in addition to his work as a solo artist. He teaches songwriting at the Old Town School of Folk Music on top of all that.

Steve talks about his career, his start writing songs, his experience teaching, and the songwriting book he co-authored “Take It to the Bridge”. At one point in the interview Steve pulls out a guitar and steps through “This Is All There Is”, the lead track off his most recent album, “At the Bottom of a Canyon In the Branches of a Tree”. Steve has new music coming June 2024 so keep your eyes and ears out!

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Check out Steve at:
Official website: https://stevedawsonmusic.com/
Bandcamp: https://stevedawson.bandcamp.com/
Buy the book: https://www.amazon.com/Take-Bridge-Unlocking-Great-Inside/dp/1622772113


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