New Music

There has been some great new music coming out lately. Most recent is Ruston Kelly’s record that came out last Friday, “The Weakness”. This is some dark stuff with a lot about the fallout of his marriage breaking up. Yet the hooks are there. Profound insights are there. It may be a sign of me becoming a softie in my old age, but this record did put me through an emotional wringer. So kudos to Ruston for that artistic accomplishment.

I would be remiss to not tip my cap to a couple more great albums that came out in March.

Say Zuzu put out “No Time to Lose” and dang these guys are good. The first time I heard “As Much Love” I said to myself, “Self, that song is so good, I wish I wrote it.” These are roots rock, Americana power pop anthems that are catchy as hell and smart as heck. I love when I can tap my toe to something that makes me think. “Big Horizon” was a song I was listening to on a recent roadtrip that fit wide eyed expanse of newness perfectly. “Look Whatcha Done” talks about words not being kind, but I got nothing but kind words for Say Zuzu.

The Band of Heathens also put out a record that I think is their best, “Simple Things”. I’ve been a fan since I saw them open for another Austin band at Fitzgerald’s back in 2009-ish. I endured the worry that they wouldn’t survive the loss of Colin Brooks from the band. Well, I’m here to tell you, they have transcended every worry. The first two songs are like epic send offs to the pandemic era. Sing alongs of resilience through the rough times. And after Covid, who doesn’t need that? Then after those two, “Ain’t Got the Money” powers in with the best Rolling Stones song The Rolling Stones didn’t record. There ain’t a weak tune in the lot here, folks. They add strings. Bold move. But it works! The album ends with “All That Remains” and it plods along with a groove kinda like Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. You gotta check it out.


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