On That Night

Last week I shared how I played my Christmas song, “On This Night” at a bar. As a follow up, I recorded a quick take on it. Here’s the audio and lyrics.


On This Night

On this night the angels start to sing
On this night salvation’s chorus rings
On this night comes the power to be God’s child
On this night the lamb so meek and mild
Though the cross is before him there’s a love that in his eye
On this night we have a savior
Alleluia holy child

Blessed be the mother who said “Let it be done by thy word”
Her soul proclaims God’s greatness
The cry of the lowly has been heard
All generations bless her, the virgin without sin
Mother of God so graceful
Let the kingdom’s reign now begin

We have a shoot from Jesse
A signal to the nations
Here wrapped in swaddling clothes
The incarnation bares salvation
A prophet like unto Moses
And yet he’s greater still
Now is born the son of man
A light is set upon the hill

Behold the lamb of God
It’s you he’s coming toward
A voice cries out in the wild
“Make straight the path of the Lord”


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